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whitney whitcomb United States

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About me

ima all around nice person, unless you talk smack and when you do ill do the swanton bomb just to show you whos the boss!!


ima florida redneck!! Yehaw! i hang out with my bestiez/homiez at their house on some weekends and when im not there, im partying with my awesome rocker sister!


i cant live without my radio, i always have a radio on, or my broz Ipod! i listen to alot of ROCK! i use to listen to country but now i dont because its boring. i listen to anything from DDG to Avril Lavine! With maybe 500 bands between them!

Movies and TV:

i dont watch alot of t.v. but when i do its wrestling! TNA and WWE and whenever they have events on PPV, but other than that im not a big fan of it. i much rather buy a radio than a cell phone or a t.v. i can always get my sis to record the wrestling!! lo


ima healthy person so i like the outdoors, i can play anything, im very competitive and will take up any challenge unless its basketball! lol im kinda good at a few things- football, soccer, baseball, or anything on a horse!


i have alot of pets, my favorite wrestlers are none other than the...Hardy Boyz! i also like RVD, Mr.Anderson, Roxxi, Kurt Angle, and Hogan! i love all animals. i dislike seafood, all insects, sodas, mushrooms, peas, and more later.


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